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Ultraviolet disinfection can sanitize facilities to the same level of bleach - while conserving limited supplies of masks and protective equipment.


In addition to our LED and UV upgrades, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly disinfection using US-made, high-output UV-C systems.  Services are available for commercial, industrial, educational, retail, and healthcare use.  Click here for more information

UV System

"Energy saved is money saved, and today's technology can reduce lighting usage by more than 50 percent. We believe that your money is much better spent by you on your employees and your mission."

- President of Parallax Lighting, Stuart Wells 

Stuart Wells, Parallax Lighting

Are you looking for...

  • A way to reduce your costs by converting to more energy-efficient, higher quality lighting?
  • Lighting professionals who can accurately measure your current usage, compare multiple brand and technology options, and calculate savings?
  • A company that can maximize your ROI by assisting with grants, rebates, and tax deductions?