I bought these new LED/CFL lights, and I hate them!

We hear it all the time: "I hate CFLs and LEDs, I tried some and I hate the blue light!" Adding in the recent bans on the production of 100W, 75W, and 60W incandescents, you feel your options closing in... until now. You are not alone, and we have great news: you *can* have your cake and eat it too.

The problem has been that many the lights on the shelves at the local hardware or big box store come in several different hues, and they aren't always well labeled. The different varieties are called 'color temperatures'. Bluish white bulbs can be fantastic task lights for work spaces, mood-boosting lighting for SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or for outside security lighting. If you want those, look for Daylight spectrum bulbs. If, however, you want to save hundreds a year on your home's lighting, without changing the look, 'soft white' or 'warm white' bulbs are the answer. With today's technology, you can read, walk, and live under LED lighting and never know you changed it from incandescent.


We will have a future post on the subject of dimmers, but in a nutshell, there are now LED-compatible dimmers and bulbs that work very well together. They have finally replaced the need to use old technology if you wanted smooth dimming options.

Since LEDs can now match the color and dimmability of old lights - without the mercury of CFLs - and a $5 bulb might save you $12/year, how about changing out at least the lights you use the most at home. Your wallet will already be thanking you by summer, and your eyes finally will be too.

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