Parallax Gets in Trouble

Local favorite Cameo Pizza added a new and much needed parking lot addition in 2015. In the planning stages, Parallax Lighting analyzed the lighting needed and proposed a unique solution. Traditional lighting design would use 4-6 metal halide light poles to illuminate the L-shaped 44-space lot. Advances in lighting and optics technology mean that there are now fixtures that can replace several of the older ones while using far less energy. Parallax Lighting designed an upgrade where one new wide angle high output LED fixture on each of two poles replaced the 4-6 traditional poles needed.

The result was a savings in installation costs that paid for the lights before they were even turned on, 70% less energy than standard technology, and too much light for this residential area! Parallax returned a few weeks later with custom rear shades to keep the light out of the neighbors' windows and down in the parking lot where it belongs.

US Made 10-year rated 300W LED Fixtures, equivalent to 1000W metal halide.

Cameo Pizza Open Parking Lot

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