How landlords & tenants can benefit from lighting upgrades



Part of providing The Total Solution is to provide professional installation.  We work with many electrical contractors and will find the right one for your job or supply materials to your preferred electrician.  Whether you need a large job done over several weeks or a small job done by a freelance electrician after hours, Professional Lighting Solutions will make sure your insatallation is professional as well. In addition, you will probably find our pricing on comparable products better than your local electrical supplier, as we are a direct distributor.



Because flourescent, compact fluorescent, metal halide, sodium, and mercury vapor bulbs contain mercury, they must be disposed of properly.  Many older fluorescent ballasts contain harmful oils and should also be handled properly.  We are a certified recycler of all of these materials and can remove all of your old lighting for proper disposal at an EPA-certified recycling center.

Self-Funded Leasing


With a self funded lease, there is little or no out-of-pocket cost, as the payments are made with the savings your new lights provide on your electric bill.  In many cases, the savings exceed the lease payments, offering immediate positive cash flow.  If you would like to explore the opportunity to improve the quality of your lighting, save energy, and not spend any capital, contact us to see if you qualify for a free lighting audit.