Mobile Ultraviolet Disinfecting Systems

1800W UVC Disinfection for Healthcare and Industrial Facilities

 - Hospital approved and tested system

 - Includes special features required for healthcare settings

 - 99.99%+ sterlization of multiple pathogens in a matter of minutes
 - Multiple output and voltage options

 - Link 2-8 units to clean even hard to reach shadow areas

 - U.S Made, Ohio Distibuted

 - RFID tracking

 - Healthcare-compliant automated usage reporting

 - RF noise cancellation - for use in sensitive medical areas

 - Quick room turnaround with proven reduction in infection rates


  • 18 UVC emitters

  • External dose and room size sensors

  • LED operation indicators

  • Stainless steel handles

  • Stainless steel protective cage

  • Emergency stop switch

  • Cord wrap

  • Door hanger warning signs

  • Treatment tracking tablet

  • Multi language user manual

  • Multi language quick start guide

  • Dual technology motion sensors

  • Remote control


Up to eight Healthcare UVC units can be wirelessly linked to treat large areas like shared rooms and cafeterias.

Please call (419) 975-1194 or email us for more specific pricing and options.

UV Disinfecting

UVC Unit with Casters