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The most common reason to upgrade lighting is energy savings, so many are surprised at the additional benefits great lighting can provide.  Staff, visitors, and customers can tell the difference, as better quality lighting allows our eyes to see colors and details more accurately.  In order to best depict these scenes, the photos in our gallery were taken with the same camera settings, unless otherwise noted.

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Custom Projects

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point is one of America's best amusement parks located in Sandusky, Ohio. Amusement parks use a tremendous amount of energy. Parallax has worked on several projects for Cedar Point, and on this popular thrill ride, we were able to significantly reduce the wattage by 85%!

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Nottingham Spirk

​Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center, the Business Innovation Firm, has developed thousands of patented products that have generated $50 billion in sales for industry leading businesses and fast growth entrepreneural firms. RESULTS: Parallax Lighting replaced over 600 bulbs with lighting technology that will decrease energy demand by 71%. Find out more about Nottingham Spirk at or follow them on Twitter @NottinghamSpirk

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Lucas Auto Center

​Lucas Auto Center is a third-generation gas station/repair shop in Lakewood, OH.  It had been a dream of the founders to light the exterior up in blue, but the technology of the day did not allow it.  Parallax was able to bring several vendors together to achieve a goal that was decades in the making.  One of our favorites.  RESULTS: See Photos.

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Large Facility Projects

Mansfield Engineering Components

This customer had unique electrical needs and we were able to source multi-voltage hybrid lights which met all of their requirements. After the large utility incentive, payback on this 80,000 sq. foot retrofit was less than 10 months!

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Warren Rupp

Warren Rupp not only cut their energy usage, but got a whole new look by incorporating several hundred new architectural LED troffers into a remodeling project. Parallax fixtures were also chosen to convert the entire production area from T5HO to LED high bays, cutting usage an additional 40%.

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Thomas Steel

​Thomas Steel is nationally recognized for innovation in steel manufacturing and led the industry with one of the first tablet-based paperless production lines.  Thomas Steel chose Parallax Lighting to replace the aging lighting system inside and out with brighter and more efficienct technology.  RESULTS: 55% lighting energy savings, inspection-quality light levels, much lower system maintenance, and a safer working environment.

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ESCO Corporation

This 130,000 sq. foot heavy industrial facility needed a wide range of fixture types to retrofit different areas, including occupancy sensors, heat resistant lamps, and weather proof fixtures.

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PR Machine Works

PR Machine, which produces specialty machined parts, reduced their lighting demand over 60%, while increasing light levels.

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Goodwill Industries

Goodwill needed to bring a long-vacant and very dated building into top shape to create a new place of employment in the area.  Parallax took on the exciting challenge of a complete interior/exterior lighting retrofit.  RESULTS: The building received a streamlined new main lighting layout and an entirely new egress system designed from scratch.  Fixture count was trimmed by over 200 using fewer, brighter fixtures and LEDs were added to the exterior.

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Large Food Production Facility

With long hours of operation, this customer wanted to maximize energy efficiency and address light quality issues in inspection areas.  RESULTS: Over 1000 fixtures upgraded to 36,000 hour T5 and T5 High Output technology, full spectrum fixtures over all inspection areas, and over 1 million kWh in annual savings.

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Medium-Sized Projects

Goodwill Norwalk Retail

Goodwill Norwalk was looking to brighten up their store, and to save money and energy. Parallax was able to reduce their energy usage by 40%, and double their brightness. After re-designing the lighting layout, the store was converted to new LED & induction lighting technology. 

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Camp Firelands Lake Lodge

​The Lake Erie Council operates a 500 acre Boy Scout camp near Wakeman Ohio. The largest building on the property is the Lake Lodge- used for meals, gatherings, merit badge recognition, winter storage, and even campfire programs on rainy summer nights. Parallax converted this 6,000 sq. foot facility from its original T12 fixtures to new brighter LEDs, improving the look and creating a permanent reduction in energy and maintenance costs.

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Government Vehicle Facility

Addressing frequent bulb and ballast changes, this customer chose 100,000 hour, U.S. made induction fixtures to replace their existing metal halide high bay lighting.  RESULTS: Light levels were increased 30%, energy use was reduced 45%, with the next scheduled bulb change more than ten years away.

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Camp Firelands/Avery Hand

​Time and money are both important and this Boy Scout Camp was losing both to old, inefficient lighting.  RESULTS: Electrical demand is down 50% with lights that will last an average of 3 times longer than the previous fixtures.  Now that's Being Prepared.

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Parking Lot/Exterior Projects

Foster Chevrolet

This local automotive dealership was looking to convert their entire parking lot to LED fixtures from metal halides. Parallax was able to re-design the layout of their lot lighting and reduced the fixture count from 88 to 45. At night, their vehicle inventory now shines brighter! 

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Cameo Pizza

Cameo Pizza invested in a significant parking lot expansion in  2015.  Read more about their 80th anniversary year at the Sandusky Register link below, and about the new parking lot lighting in our January 2016 blog post.

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Transfer Express

Transfer Express, in Mentor, OH, has disrupted the screen printing industry with extremely rapid turnaround of image transfers.  Parallax Lighting was first involved in replacing process lighting inside the building and returned to help with an expanded parking lot that needed more illumination.  Thanks to new high output LED fixtures with custom optics, Transfer Express was able to place fixtures on their building to meet their target light levels - without having to trench or install new poles.  Find out more about Transfer Express at

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Large Hospital - 10 Parking Lots

​Hospital policy requires daily inspection and replacement of any lights that are out.  The costs to bring in a worker and a lift to replace bulbs one at a time is significant.  RESULTS: By upgrading to US-made Induction Fixtures with a 10 year warranty, the hospital not only reduced the fixture wattage by 50%, but greatly reduced labor and equipment expenses.

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City Lighting

​Imagine the difference after retrofitting decorative walkway fixtures from humming orange lights to silent, natural white lights.  RESULTS: In addition to energy savings of 75%, the experience of strolling, sitting, and dining under these lights completely changed.

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