Energy Savings through Lighting
Energy Analysis Service

Need to reduce your utility bills? Outdated lighting is often a culprit, and a Parallax Energy Specialist can provide you with affordable options to reduce fixed expenses, improve appearance and workplace safety, and cut time spent on maintenance.


Parallax uses propriety software to analyze current usage, compare upgrade options, and estimate potential savings and payback time. Our services have been utilized on over 500 projects across Ohio.  We are also very effective at finding rebates and other incentives that can cover a portion of energy project costs. Below is an example of how we calculate the exact cost and energy savings:

  • Existing Light: 400 watt metal halide with a rated life of 24,000 hours​

  • Proposed Upgrade: An equally bright, 150 watt, 100,000 hour light​

  • Reduction: 250 watts​

  • Savings:  At 10 hours / day, the savings is 2,500 watt hours / day. 2,500 watt hours / day X 365 = 912,500 watt hours or 912.5 kilowatt hours / year. At 10 cents per kilowatt hour, upgrading this one light saves $91.25 / year


Companies that perform best respond to opportunities and challenges quickly. Parallax can provide valuable insight right now into your facility's current usage and how building upgrades can even improve sales and organizational performance. Let us leverage our up-to-date knowledge, strategic mindset, and extensive experience to help you identify the best options available to meet your specific goals.



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