Financial Incentives



Currently all of the utilities in the Arizona and Ohio markets we serve have utility rebates available.  These rebates can be locked in before you commit to a lighting project.  They are based on the energy savings the project produces (What other industry pays you to use less of their product?).  At Parallax Lighting, we complete all of the paperwork necessary for you to receive the utility rebate on your project. 

Tax Deductions


Section 179(d) of the IRS tax code allows for-profit businesses to deduct the total cost of energy efficient commercial building upgrades in the year they are completed.  This allows lighting upgrades to be fully expensed instead of depreciated over many years.  Many companies find that the tax savings, combined with the utility rebates, are paying for nearly half of the cost of their new lights.



Grants are not available for every commercial project; however, like energy rebates, grants do not have to be repaid and can therefore substantially enhance the ROI of your project.  At Parallax, we also specialize in finding and applying for grant money when it is available.