Energy Analysis Service

     Need to reduce your utility bills? Outdated lighting is often a culprit and Energy Specialist Stuart Wells can provide you with a sensible approach to reduce expenses, update your building aesthetically, and reduce the use of fossil fuels.


     Parallax has propriety software to analyze current usage, compare options, and estimate potential savings and payback time. Our services have been utilized on over 200 projects across Ohio.


     Companies that perform best respond to opportunities and challenges quickly. Stuart provides that sharp insight into your needs and how trends in lighting can improve organizational performance. Parallax combines strategic advice with hands-on experience to identify the best solution for you.


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Is a lighting upgrade right for your business?


Review the criteria below to see how strong of a candidate your facility is for a lighting upgrade.

  • If you have old style fluorescent (known as T12), incandescent, sodium, mercury vapor, or metal halide bulbs in your facility.


  • If you plan to stay in your current facility four years or more.  Even if you are renting, we have had many landlords share in the cost of a lighting upgrade, because it benefits both parties.


  • If you are a landlord looking for a way to make your space more attractive to current and future tenants. (Read more here.)


  • If you generally have your lights on more than 8 hours a day.  This includes exterior lights.


  • If you have light bulbs that are particularly difficult or time consuming to reach when they burn out.


  • If your lighting is subject to vibration, motion, or extreme conditions that shortens its life or affects performance.


  • If you have lighting in refrigerated spaces where reducing heat would provide an additional benefit.


  • If you want to improve your customer and employee experience with better quality light.

If you would like inquire about a free lighting evaluation at your facility, please click the link below.