Parallax Lighting End of the Year Inventory Sale

30-40% off!!!

Energy efficient lighting will save your business money!

High Bay Fixtures:

120W HB03 Induction High Bay fixture (400w equivalent)

Retail $379.00 Now $259.00 Savings 32%

250W Induction High Bay (>50% brighter than 400W with 40% less energy)

Retail $599.00 Now $380.00 Savings 37%


Wall Pack Fixtures:

80W Full Cut Off Wall Packs (250W Equivalent)

Retail $429.00 Now $249.00 Saving 42%

40W Wall Pack (120W Equivalent)

Retail $319.00 Now $219.00 Savings 31%


Other Fixtures:

400W Weatherproof Tunnel Light/Grow Light 48” (1000W Equivalent)

Retail $999.00 Now $644.00 Savings 36%

150W Canopy Light for gas stations & overhangs (400W Equivalent)

Retail $449.00 Now $250.00 Savings 44%

70W Canopy Light (175W Equivalent)

Retail $399.00 Now $222.00 Saving 44%

*several more types of kits available to retrofit 70-400W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lights and save 60%.

Call Stuart Wells at 419-975-1194 or email if you are interested or have questions.

Order deadline is Friday, December 23, or while supplies last!