About Us

When you want to design a new building, you call an architect.  When you need to fix the wiring in your existing building, you call an electrician.  If you want to select the most optimized lighting solution for your new or existing building, you call Parallax Lighting.


At Parallax, we specialize exclusively in commercial lighting.  Whether your goal is to maximize efficiency, minimize upfront cost, or maximize ROI, we have a solution for you.  We source every different type of lighting technology and can retrofit or replace almost any light ever made.  Parallax projects typically reduce lighting energy usage by more than 50%, with paybacks of 18 to 36 months.

The Team

Stuart Wells - Partner

Stuart used the Masters Degree in Geophysics that he received from The Ohio State University to become an Environmental Emergency Responder.  While the work was exciting and rewarding, the years of constant travel were not. He next joined a company that helped industrial customers to conserve energy and invest in renewables.  After several years learning the business, he decided to become an entrepeneur and start his own energy consulting company, FutureGreen, in 2008.  He realized that rapidly advancing lighting technology made it by far the greatest energy saver for most of the companies he consulted.  Deciding to specialize exclusively in energy efficient commercial lighting, he changed the company's name to Parallax Lighting to better fit the new approach.


Paul Everett - Product Innovation

Paul comes from a background in the boating industry, where he designed and built a variety of powerboats and upscale marine products including steering systems, drive kits, and other rigging, much of which is currently original equipment on today’s finer boats. When the 2008 recession hit, Paul decided to turn his skills as an inventor to the energy savings industry. He now designs and tests innovative new retrofit solutions for incorporating the latest technology into existing fixtures.



Joel Kohn - Advisory Board

Joel is a University of Colorado graduate with a background as a partner in a company that leased residential, office, and trade show furnishings. The home and office furnishings were provided on a regional basis, and the trade show furnishings were provided to most of the larger trade shows nationwide. In two separate transactions, these companies were acquired by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, where Joel spent several years managing the trade show business. A mutual friend and electrical inventor, Paul Everett, introduced Joel to Stuart, and they decided to join forces with an eye toward franchising this concept.



Edward J. Collins - Technical Advisor

Ed spent 38 years at General Electric working on every phase of a majority of the lighting products GE made during that time period. He was involved in Electroluminescence, Dichroic Coatings, Fiber Optics, Discharge Lighting, and Ultra High Vacuum Systems, so he has a keen interest in some of the new technologies being developed today. He has been credited with 15 patents and his name appears on the General Electric List of Prolific Inventors, along with Thomas Edison. Additionally, a project he contributed to called Halarcis is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.



Dawn Herner - Rebates/Grants

Dawn has used her Master Degree in Natural and Applied Sciences from Oklahoma State to research and facilitate grants, rebates, and other state / federal programs within the energy, agriculture, and senior care industries for the last 8 years.  In addition to the electric utility rebates currently available for every commercial lighting upgrade, Dawn will check to see if there are any grant funds available for your particular industry or location.  Best of all, Dawn files the paperwork on your behalf.  We all know that filing government forms requires great detail and accuracy, and this is where Dawn excels. Sometimes we think our best competitive advantage is having someone who actually loves filing government paperwork and does it well.